14th April 2022

Take A Seat: The Forge Chair

industrial style chair with black leatherette upholstery

Our first venture into the plush world of upholstered seating was with our Brunel Sofa. The new design tried and tested our design team, with an outcome we’re all incredibly proud of. Our next step was to conquer the leatherette chair market.

Introducing, The Forge Chair.

The Design

As part of our Forge Collection, The Forge Chair is our first leatherette chair featuring vented details on the backrest, paying homage to the coal-fired Forge used by a traditional Blacksmith.

Our designers also incorporated the clean lines found on our Forge Desk & Forge Table. Resulting in a no-fuss chair design that would complement any of our industrial-style desks or tables.

Sticking to our roots, many of our pieces of furniture take inspiration from industrial revolution iron structures; the Forge Chair is no different. The truss-like construction mirrors typical industrial design, making it a truly unique piece. It is also a great start to our leatherette chair range.

The Upholstery

After our first venture with upholstery (see The Brunel Sofa), we dived headfirst into the design of our upholstered seat cushions. We wanted to match the minimalist style of the chair frame. The best way to do this was to opt for neat and uncluttered upholstery. Especially in Anthracite, it looks clean, modern and professional.

The upholstery itself is no joke. Having experimented with different types of vegan-friendly leatherette in the design process for The Brunel Sofa, we had an idea of the type we wanted to use. Keeping to our company morals – that we do not use materials derived from animals, leatherette was the obvious choice. Read 5 benefits of faux-leather upholstery.

You can now choose from 10 carefully curated colour option, to perfectly compliment the raw polished & clear powder-coated steel frame.

The Finishing Touches

Would it be a piece of Steel Vintage furniture if there was no touch of oak or walnut for you to customise?

We chose to add wooden armrests as a break to the grey of the steel or opt for a grey stained wood if this is what you prefer. We recommend selecting your leatherette first, then choosing a wood type & finish to honour this.

Please keep your eyes peeled for more Steel Vintage leatherette chairs over the coming months; we have a lot planned!

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Paige Allison