22nd March 2022

Bedroom Storage: The Industrial Way

SV Warehouse Wardrobe industrial bedroom storage

The industrial style is all about the essentials. You don’t need a lot of frills, just the basics to make your space feel organised. Our range of industrial bedroom storage is designed with this as the main focus. That’s not to say you can’t be creative with it – industrial furniture has a clean, timeless look that complements other styles well.

You shouldn’t have to compromise on style, therefore we’ve collected a few of our favourite industrial-style bedroom storage solutions that will help keep your home tidy.

What kind of industrial style bedroom storage do you need?

The first thing to consider is the type of storage you need. Open shelving units are a great way to increase storage space in a small bedroom. These multifunctional pieces are convenient for storing clothes, linens, and personal items for easy access. Open shelved storage units also make great bookcases or display shelves.

Open Wardrobes

You could go for a stripped-back, industrial look with the Warehouse Wardrobe which is made from sustainably-sourced wood. The steel frame of our industrial wardrobe comes clear powder coated as standard, and you choose your wood type & finish. Our industrial style wardrobe comes with a choice between shelving, rails, or both – depending on the type of storage you need. Many benefits come with having an open wardrobe, including that in small spaces, they give the illusion of more space.

SV Warehouse Wardrobe
The Warehouse Wardrobe

Bedside Tables

For more practical storage solutions, consider bedside tables with lockable drawers and metal handles, just like The Lattice Bedside Units. This type of furniture is perfect for storing books, electronics, and personal items that you want to keep within your arm’s reach. Plus, they come in all sizes to fit any bedroom space! We have a range of different industrial bedside tables to choose from.

The Lattice Bedside Units


If you’re looking for a dresser or chest of drawers, we have a few options. Our wide range of sideboards will give you the storage space you’re after in an effortless industrial style. The Engineering Sideboard Range is a great place to start for a minimalist option. With 12 variations to choose from, ranging from drawers, open shelves, and cupboards, we know you’ll find one to suit your requirements.

SV engineering sideboard v3
The Engineering Sideboard

Industrial-style storage is perfect for a clutter-free bedroom.

If you’re ready for a full bedroom redesign, then take a look at our steel Sixty Sixty Bed Range – each design perfectly complements our industrial bedroom storage collection.

Ready to add the industrial style to your bedroom? Check out our industrial bedroom storage collection today!

Paige Allison